Wyrd Design Studios was founded by designer, artist and craftsman John
Vogt as an outlet for his many creative talents and skills.
Being a modern day renaissance man, John has spent his life in a variety of
creative endeavors and needed a place where he could put all of his "eggs"
in one basket. Thus, Wyrd Design Studios was born.
In its infancy, WDS was just John's baby, but as the size of the
productions grew, so did the needs of Wyrd Design's resources. So calling
upon creative friends and collaborators of all mediums, Wyrd Design
Studios has grown into the artistic collective it is today
Upon founding the studio, John went on to be the Production
Designer for the
Radius 5 Films production of The River of Copsa
Mica, where he worked closely with writer/director Ryan
Uzilevski in creating the characters, costumes, sets and props for
the film. Since then,
Radius 5 has made him a member of their
ground-breaking production  company and all look forward to
future creative collaborations.
Another one of the many films John has worked on was Javier
Perez-Kadam's indie sci-fi short "Thou Shall Not Dream" where
he was a set designer/builder and helped to create the dark,
Gilliam-esque feel to the film.
He has also designed and built sets for theater groups such as
the highly acclaimed
Desert Sin, the P-Cult and the Vangeline
John also works as a freelance set carpenter in the
corporate and fashion world for such companies as
and Effects,  Bestek Lighting & Staging and Kadan
Productions. Some of the sets he has worked on include
high fashion moguls Havaianas, Victoria's Secret, Hermes,
Tommy Hilfiger, John Varvatos, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis
Vuitton, Zanga, Baby Phat, Derek Lam, and 2006's final
episode of Project Runaway which was filmed during
Fashion Week at Bryant Park, NYC
John frequently collaborates  with the guys at Sets and Effects and most of
Wyrd Design Studios builds are done in their spacious facilities in