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Thou Shall Not Dream is an indie sci-fi short written and
directed by Javier Perez-Kadam. Wanting a dark,
surreal look to the film (aka Terry Gilliam's "Brazil") he
brought on board Ryan Uzilevsky as the production
designer, who then sought the services of Wyrd Design
Studios to work with him designing and building the sets
and props
Having a 5 day window to build AND shoot the movie, and a
budget barely large enough to feed a hungry puppy for a
week posed an interesting challenge for us.
Shot entirely on location at an abandoned police precinct in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn helped solve some of the logistic
obstacles. Having free run of the building afforded us the
opportunity to build sets on several floors and in different
rooms simultaneously while shooting in others.
This prison set posed an interesting challenge which was
overcome by rigging the ceiling of the set on a pulley
system so it could be flown in and out in order to
re-configure the walls for different shot angles
This charming little corner of the set was lovingly nicknamed
"The Bastard" due to so many people contributing to it, it will
never know the true identity of it's father....but we have our
The two large overhead pipes in this shot were rigged on a
tie-line system for dual purposes; 1) so that they could be
angled up and out to cheat the depth perception of the set
making it look deeper, and... 2) so they could be slid across
the room for the reverse shot, making it seem like they
traversed the entire room. You can see an open end of one
of them at the top left of the second photo
Thou Shall Not Dream is currently in post-production
and will be touring the festival circuit in late 2007